Individual Project

Pokaa Cafe & Bistro Redesign

Role / 

UX/UI Website Designer


Tools / 

Sketch, Illustrator


Time / 

Dec. 2016

Pokaa Café & Bistro is a website for a restaurant in the city of Hsin-Zu in Taiwan that includes all the latest news and related information regarding the restaurant.


At first glance at the website, there is redundant information, poor organization, and hard-to-use navigation. Many consumers have reflected these concerns. My goal is to redesign the website of Pokaa Cafe & Bistro to make information easier to be accessed by our restaurant customers.


Consumers seem to be suffering from redundant information, poor organization, and hard-to-use navigation on the website. 

How can we improve the usability of Pokaa Cafe & Bistro's website and help consumers get access to restaurant's information much more easily?


Current Problems

The three main problems on the website are redundant information, poor organization, and hard-to-use navigation.

Current Website Analysis

Information Architecture is shown on the current website. Many sections are redundant in providing information.

User Interview

Users will be mainly future customers who are interested in our restaurant or existing customers who would like to inquire information regarding our restaurant.

I was able to conduct user interviews with 4 participants, including 2 families (3 members family, 2 members family), and 2 singles. Although this is quite a small number and many of the feedback may not be enough to be significant, it still offers useful and valuable user insight in helping me improve the usability of this website. Below are the results. 

Website statistics are also analyzed on the general use of our website.
From the data below, we can conclude that the Main page of our restaurant serves an important platform when users are inquiring information. 

Users Pains & Needs

Here is a summarization of the users pains and need from the user research we have done.


​To create a cleaner website where users can see all the important functions on the main page and decide where to go. These functions include the most used tabs such as links to menus, reservations, location and hours info, and latest news.

New Information Architecture

New Information Architecture based on users' pain points and needs.  Much of the redundancy from the old information architecture is simplified. Now information is much easier to find on the Main Page. There are only 4 tabs left: Main Page, About Us, Menu, and News.



Final Screens

Next Steps

This was a project that I did on my own and I really enjoyed it. However,  there is still more user testing to do in the future to test the usability of this website. I would like to continue building the user flows for every interaction on the 4 different pages and conduct more user tests before I make this website a reality with HTML/CSS. 

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